Gilbert Grace

Gilbert Grace is a multi-disciplined visual artist based in Sydney, Australia, with six years of tertiary education and thirty plus years of sustained studio based art practise. Gilbert is also passionate about human powered technologies, zero emission transport, commoning, habitat restoration, renewable energy, quality of life, natural capitalism, retro-innovation and life-long learning. His post-studio practise is an outlet for these diverse interests.

Current Exhibition: Great White Bird Trail, at Broadhurst Gallery, Hazelhurst Art Centre, Gymea.


STEAM family free workshop every Sunday 10-11am – COVID rules apply

FREE monthly STEAM workshop for children accompanied by parents or grandparents.

Last Sunday of each month / Free entry

FREE monthly STEAM workshop for children accompanied by parents or grandparents.


Lionel King Painting Pyrmont: Past and Present

Local artist, Lionel King, presents a series of watercolours capturing watercolours capturing the essence of this historic peninsula at CULTURE AT WORK’s Pyrmont Accelerator Gallery.


Pyrmont in Watercolour: An exhibition of watercolours by Lionel King –

Exhibition CULTURE AT WORK Accelerator Gallery


Tarli Bird – Mapping Bayside

Tarli, Trevor’s niece, will be creating a series of mixed media prints that will be exhibited at CULTURE AT WORK on completion of her residency. Trevor, who is from Sydney, will source relevant technical history to be used in the prints. Culture at Work is housed in the historic Scott Street Terraces in Scott St Pyrmont NSW.


An Artists perspective on climate change – Lea Kannar Lichtenberger -2020

An Artists Perspective on Climate Change - Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger


MURAT’S ROMA, perceptions, remembrances, places – March 2020


/ Free entry

In the spring of 2018, Murat had the good fortune (although those who have come to know him and his work would say that this was a well-earned recognition of his talent) to spend three months in The Eternal City, as a painter in residence at the British School at Rome. Murat used this time to explore the city and its surroundings, choosing an area to explore, or indeed to get lost in, every day, as well as hanging out with his Renaissance Art idols at every opportunity. Rome is indeed a monumental city, where it easy to be entranced by the grandeur of buildings and of piazze with their spectacular fountains. And not forgetting the sheer ‘campery’ of religious spectacles – like the meticulously choreographed sound and light show in the left transept of the Chapel of St. Ignatius of Loyola, where a painted altarpiece slowly descends to reveal a silver statue depicting St. Ignatius getting ready to nip off up to heaven – every afternoon around 5.30 PM. Or time-travelling at San Clemente where if you permit your eye to hone in on details, like Murat, you will encounter geometrical, cosmatesque shapes and patterns that have been transported from the Islamic East, from Byzantium. An important caveat from the artist and his grandmother however – never ignore the periphery for your eye might just capture something magical: djinns – spirits of the forest – some of them good, others not – but always red-headed. You might just be surprised what you can witness on a quiet afternoon spent with the cherry blossoms at the Parco Centrale del Lago or an early, early morning at the Vatican or at the Piazza Navona before the throngs of tourists and flâneurs descend. In this collection, Murat, continuing his journey through a Camp lens, has minimised the use of the paintbrush – quite the challenge for a painter. What you are experiencing here is an exploration of ‘needlework’, reminiscent of Persian relief painting, with industrial enamel paint painstakingly applied and manipulated by needles to create both detail and whimsy. Sydney, February 2020 



Art Science Public talk with Drinks

15 August 2019 6-8pm / $5.50 inc get event is fully booked

The Sydney Science Festival 2019 is underway and CULTURE AT WORK shares the stories of artists and scientists who have collaborated in art-science Residencies over the past decade.

Science and Art  in Conversation will be held on Thursday 15th August 6-8pm.


Marta Ferracin

Jo Burzynska

Laura Jade Hindes

Liz Shreeve

Lea Kannar -Lichtenberger


Dr David Gallego-Ortega Garvan Institute

Dr Robert Baker University of Sydney


MAKERSPACE : BUILD, CODE, CREATE – Jonathon Bolitho workshop

Art Science STEAM workshop for children accompanied by parents or grandparents.

2019 Sun 9am-10am / FREE

Magformers make amazing constructions: Magically they click together to enable small hands to building sturdy creations. A one hour free workshop with artist and scientists to help you with your making.