CULTURE AT WORK is grateful to the STAR in 2017 for supporting free STEAM workshops for local Pyrmont families monthly on a Sunday and the Art-Science residency program in 2017 and enabling local playwright to bring her plays to life for the local community.

CULTURE AT WORK is supported by a grant from the  James N. Kirby Foundation to support the development of  Creative Galaxies: Space, Data and Composition a Stage 3 primary school program based on the NSW Curriculum which ensures the programs delivery to 300 students in low SES schools in our local area in 2017.


DONATE now and help make CULTURE AT WORK’S vision continue. Thanks to the generous support from our donors, Rachel Park was able to transform one wall of the ACCELERATOR Gallery space over 176 hours by meticulously installing jumbo roll toilet paper into an artwork at CULTURE AT WORK, Luke Hespanhol was able to immerse himself in his research project Reverb Milieu using digital media, generative videos and natural user interfaces around the CBD. Laura Jade developed and executed her Light Brain Project.

In 2015, 8 primary schools and 500 primary students have participated in a free art-science program delivered to them by CULTURE AT WORK artists and UTS scientists. The program visited St Mathews School in Mudgee, Penrith Regional Gallery and 2 schools in Emu Heights and Penrith. Dr Ian Wright from the University of Western Sydney led a field trip along the Nepean River to local students. In 2016, 50 students from St James Primary school and Darlington Public School have participated in a field trip to Jubilee Park with scientists Dr Jeff Kellaway and Alexandra Thompson from UTS and experienced art-science workshops by artists Liz Shreeve and Laura Jade Hindes.

CULTURE AT WORK art-science projects share the process of transformation of an artist’s vision in partnership with a scientist or technical expert. CULTURE AT WORK shares art science research with young people through creative workshops through school linkage projects. You will be participating in CULTURE AT WORK’s vision inspiring future generations of creative thinkers through art science, technology and innovation. Become a MEDICI Patron or a LEONARDO! Add your name to the list of patrons.



Support us in growing our quest to inspire and work with future generations of creative thinkers through art, science and technology.

MEDICI Patrons $5000 and over

Darya Boukata & Nigel Andrade
Pam & Bruce Milthorpe
Sherryl Ryan & Garry Adler

DA VINCI Patrons $500 to $1,000

Elizabeth and David Lampert (New York)
Ann Bartlett & Joseph Fekete & Denise Bartlett
Liz Rowell
Bruce Milthorpe
Mark Grosser
James Richards

2016 LEONARDO Patrons $150

Mary Mortimer & Donald Donoon
Sue Carrick
Joseph Fekete
Peter Missingham & Eva Inatey
Ivana Jirasek
Pauline Keyvar
Rita Tratt
Kathryn Adler
Dorothy & Bill Outram

2015-2016 LEO Donors to $100 

Merryn Semple
Adrian & Kirsten Goldfinch
Catherine Crawford
Stacy Flanagan
Neil Hunt & Kim Carpenter
Louise Verrier
Mary Mortimer & Donald Donoon
Virginia & Roger Stuart-Smith
Tessa and Robert Boucher
Margaret Hughes


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Culture at Work is a registered Charity with DGR Registration.

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