Research Residencies 2020
Research Residencies 2020

CULTURE AT WORK ®  is an Artist-led Australian Research Institute with a research committee of visual artists, scientists and educators.  CULTURE AT WORK ® offers research residencies to artists connecting art, science and technology and experimental practise. Culture at Work develops research projects relating to creativity, art & science, innovation and learning.

CULTURE AT WORK  2020 Research Committee:

Sherryl Ryan

Founder of Culture at Work, Artist, Museum Education Consultant.

Bachelor of Media (4Yr) Education Rusden State College Melbourne

University of Sydney, MA Research 2011-2014 (to be completed).

MEd Gifted Education, University of New South Wales.

Graduate Diploma, Fine Art, College of Fine Art, University of New South Wales.

Bachelor of Fine Art, Painting, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 1985-1988 part-time to end of second year, relocated to Sydney.

BEd (4yr) Secondary, Media Studies, Media Art & Technology, Rusden State College (Vic).

Dr Lee-Anne Hall

Doctorate, Centre for Cross Cultural Research, Australian National University.

MA Arts Administration, COFA UNSW

Dr Julie Brooke

Artist and Lecturer ANU (Canberra)

Professor Trevor Bird

Post-retirement Research Fellow, ITC CSIRO, Fellow ieee

Emeritus Professor in Faculty of Engineering, University of Technology.